Piano Accordion

We present you our Piano Accordion

Our model "SUPRA" is of the highest quality Italian craftsmanship and has the finest woods dedicated to offering the best sound in an accordion. These woods are treated in drying chambers to obtain the best possible sound from day one.

In addition, with this model we strive to the limit in each part of the same accordion, using only the best hardware, in some cases gold and in some others black nickel, this in order to maintain the line as the most exclusive on the market. Not only that, but also the mechanism used for this accordion is the smoothest and most precise used for Italian accordions and of course the "MASSIMO REEDS" voices cannot be missing.

With our "SUPRA" model we guarantee you the best sound, robust, loud and clear, as well as soft to the touch and light weight according to its size and characteristics.

Give us the opportunity to help you shine with your melodies and your way of expressing your music, with an ally who will help you in every part of the process.