Allen & Heath ZED-16FX
Allen & Heath ZED-16FX
Allen & Heath ZED-16FX
Allen & Heath ZED-16FX
Massimo Accordions

Allen & Heath ZED-16FX

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Allen & Heath ZED-16FX

ZED-16FX is ideal for groups that need to travel light. It gives musicians and rental companies access to 10 full mono channels, 3 stereo channels and a high-quality effects unit in a compact, rack-mountable form factor. Configurable USB audio input/output makes it easy to capture stereo recordings.


1) Main mix left + right (post-fade)
2) Left + Right Main Mix (Pre-fade)
3) Auxiliaries 1-2
4) Auxiliaries 3-4


1) A 3-channel stereo


ZED-16FX features a 3-band swept mid-frequency EQ design using MusiQ, with optimized slope (or Q factor) to EQ individual instruments.


  • 10 mono mic/line inputs
  • 3 stereo channels with 2-band equalizer
  • 16 internal time delay effects
  • Neutrik Microphone XLR
  • 1/4 inch Neutrik sockets
  • Channel insertion
  • Super Wide Gain DuoPre TM Mic Line Input
  • 3-band equalizer with MusiQ
  • 2 pre-fade auxiliary sends
  • 1 post-fade auxiliary send
  • 1 internal effects send
  • Illuminated silence
  • sound image pan
  • Peak and PFL warning indicator illuminated
  • 100mm ALPS faders
  • Stereo playback and returns
  • All inputs with level control
  • 12 bar meters
  • Mono/stereo function on auxiliaries 1 and 2
  • Monitor output section
  • Alternative stereo output source
  • Configurable USB stereo audio input/output
  • Rack ears available

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