Allen & Heath QU-16
Allen & Heath QU-16
Allen & Heath QU-16
Allen & Heath QU-16
Allen & Heath QU-16
Allen & Heath QU-16
Allen & Heath QU-16
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Allen & Heath QU-16

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Compact 22 in / 12 out Digital Mixer with remote wireless control

Our best-selling digital mixer combines exceptional functionality with innovative design to deliver a professional mixing experience with class-leading sound quality.

Whether you’re making the move from analogue or updating your digital desk, mixing live or in the studio, it’s time to experience Qu.

  • Our Best-Selling Digital Mixer
  • Inputs: 16 Mono / 3 Stereo
  • Mixes: 4 Mono / 3 Stereo / LR
  • 24x22 USB Audio Interface
  • Comprehensive Channel Processing and FX
  • Intuitive Interface with Full Colour Touchscreen
  • Range of Remote Expanders
  • Suitable for:
    • Live
    • Studio
    • Streaming
    • A/V Install
    • Corporate Audio
    • Houses of Worship

Your All-In-OneStudio Solution

The Qu series of digital mixer-interfaces bring together all the features you need to run a recording and mixing session with professional results, whether that's at home or in a dedicated studio space.

Combining world-class sound quality, advanced digital mixing capabilities and DAW control, the Qu will quickly become the heart of your studio.


  • High-channel-count USB recording.
  • Low-noise, transparent preamps - with a touch of our famous analogue warmth.
  • Flexible workflow offers 3 styles of mixing:
    • In-The-Box - Mix entirely in your DAW with the option to control your DAW from Qu
    • Out-of-The-Box - Mix entirely in the Qu with the option to record fader movements for recall.
    • Hybrid - Combine ITB and OTB mixing methods for the best of both worlds.
  • Low-latency direct monitoring with FX.
  • Use Qu as a control-surface: HUI and Mackie Control compatibility for hands-on DAW mixing.
  • Give musicians control of their headphone mix with free iOS/Android apps.

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