Subwoofer DAS Vantec 218A
Subwoofer DAS Vantec 218A
Subwoofer DAS Vantec 218A
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Subwoofer DAS Vantec 218A

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The VANTEC-218A is a self-powered subwoofer system designed to provide ample bass response for Vantec wide-range enclosures. A powerful 4000 Wpeak amplifier sends the signal to two long-excursion DAS 18LX loudspeakers, which incorporate 4” voice coils and robust magnetic structures for high power handling and impressive response.

The VANTEC-218A amplifier is Class D and has a switching power supply. The system includes two balanced inputs (A-B) with stereo high-pass filter (HPF) output connectors for satellites. With the filter off, the output connectors operate as “Loop Thru” outputs. It also has a low-pass filter (LPF) whose cutoff is variable between 80-125 Hz. A gain control and a polarity inverter (0º-180º) increase the user's control over the system.


Self-powered subwoofer system
4000 Wpeak Class D amplifier
Deep and Loud EQ Presets
Filtered outputs for satellites
Gain control, polarity inverter
Front logo on/off switch
flying points

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