JTS Bodypack RU-850LTB Guitar System
JTS Bodypack RU-850LTB Guitar System
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JTS Bodypack RU-850LTB Guitar System

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This innovative bodypack transmitter is designed with both REMOSET U and full function setting at itself. The settings include Frequency, Group/Channel, Sensitivity, RF Power, and Auto Power Off. All data will be transferred to this transmitter by pushing of the REMOSET U button at receiver’s front panel. Auto Power Off feature can be set OFF or ON with selection of 10, 30 and 60 minutes without audio input. This will save battery life and avoid over discharge. Besides REMOSET U a user can carry out setting at transmitter side.

To cope with music instruments a pad of -20 dB is designed. Recharging circuit and connector are already built in case users want to upgrade the system.

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