Rasha  Nash Bar
Rasha  Nash Bar
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Rasha Nash Bar

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Multi-Color Wash & Strobe Linear Bar

Nash bar is a multi-color wash and strobe linear bar fixture that provides a wide range of smooth color mixing across the full-color spectrum, a powerful strobe, and a pulse effect with variable speed up to 25Hz; moreover, Nash bar, a Multi-Color Wash & Strobe Linear Bar contains four dimmers that have high-resolution electronic dimming capabilities calibrated at 18 bit allows lighting designers to produce ultra-smooth color mixing, fade, and black-out effects. Furthermore, the Nash bar, a Multi-Color Wash & Strobe Linear Bar, features 16 LED segments, which can be controlled individually to allow the user freedom of directional segment pixel control and provide a wide variety of virtual colors, and air animation effects. In addition, Nash bar’s pre-programmed colors, effects, and fades with adjustable speed control saves lighting designers time and reduces costs. Its compact design allows end-to-end placement on either truss or pipe and permits equal spacing between pixels. Likewise, the user-friendly display menu and different channel modes provide an appealing interface. 

Highlights :
Create rich colors and pastels with RGB color led chips , Automatic color change, Internal programs, Strobe effects.
Create coordinated light shows by linking other Freedom fixtures in master/slave mode.
Shine light where it is needed using the adjustable tilting head.
Enhance light shows with adjustable electronic strobe and dimmer effects.
Wide range of pixel pitch/Individually controllable Leds.

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