Rasha Zuri
Rasha Zuri
Rasha Zuri
Rasha Zuri
Rasha Zuri
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Rasha Zuri

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Zuri combines the sharp laser-like beam, color frost, Wash, Spotlight, and hypnotic effect moving head fixture, a perfect solution for nightclubs, bars, restaurants, venues, and mobile entertainers with significant control.

Zuri features an individually controllable RGB led ring; sophisticated electronic 100 W LED light engine source calibrated @ 6500 Kelvin, 14 Gobos wheel, complete color wheel, and eight facet prism. Additionally, Zuri features a suspendable base and base cover for clean ceiling installation.

Highlights :
Can produce combination of the effects- mid -air effects, color frost , ring hypnotic effect, gobos and prism.
Highest efficiency & way to power ratio.
Light weight, compact size.
24x RGB led ring.
12 colors+white, half color, rainbow effect.
Six in 1 color wheel for colorful prism effect.
14 gobos.
High-speed electronic moments.

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