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Digital mixing console , 16 channel - 12 mic inputs, 2 stereo inputs, 8 customizable XLR outputs, 16 bus and 4 mono output bus, 5 stereo output, Up to 8 modules(2 reverb,2 Modulations,2 Delay,2 15-band EQ



DM20M mixer – 20 channels, motorized faders, large touch screen, USB ports – everything you need for perfect live mixing. DM20M accommodates the latest technologies, to give you total control over your sound. Although ultra-compact, DM20M uses the full potential of our digital mixer expertise without compromising any features. All settings can be recalled including, most importantly, the faders – unique in this class of mixer. Full control is also available remotely via Wi-Fi, so you are free to mix anywhere in the venue.

There are 12 mic/line inputs, 2 stereo inputs all routable via 16 buses to 8 balanced outputs. Joining them is a host of professional digital interfaces – AES/EBU, SPDIF and two USB. The 1024x600 touch screen makes navigation simple and intuitive, in fact DM20M can be used straight out of the box without the need to read a 100-page manual!

Studio quality sound, multi-effects engines and full dynamics processing makes DM20M easy way to mix your sound.

Innovation Points

S/PDIF in/out & AES/EBU output
7" 1024x600 IPS touch screen
Input: 12 MIC(4 COMBO), 2 ST,S/PDIF input,USB input
Touch screen sliding operation
8 FX (2 Modulation,2 Delay,2 Reverb,2 GEQ)
BUS: L/R +4MONO+4ST+1Monitor/High quality
components:NEUTRIK XLR
2 USB(recording/playback)
iPad remote control
electro-gain of 12 MIC
2.1 output
Support acoustic environment improvement at RTA measuring mode.
Change 15-band GEQ to 31-band.
Support ogg, flac, ape, WAV and MP3.
Bus layer send function allows directly sending the required
input channel to current bus at bus interface.

Support operations and control by iPad, or Android tablet with the compatible application.


1. Dynamics sub-page

The dynamics sub-page allows to change the parameter for the Gate and compressor.

2. Built-in Media Player & Recorder

- 2 USB(recording/playback)
- Built in media player and recorder
- Playing MP3 or WAV format. The default recording format is WAV.
- New APE and FLAC file format playing

3. High Quality Configuration

The 4th generation 40bit SHARC floating point processor, 24bit/192kHz AD/DA converting, built-in reverb/delay/compressor/EQ/GEQ.
15-band GEQ upgraded to 31-band.

4. Modulation Subpage

Double press “Modulation1 or 2” button in the FX Subpage, access to Modulation parameter tuning Subpage as below showed in the picture.

5. Easy Operation Perfect Tone

2.1 output
One key crossover; set up
2.1 system quickly
Save the time of mixing and installation
Easy operation even for anyone who has no tuning experience
New RTA function

6. iPad Control

Control DM20 via iPad APP, including gain / EQ / dynamic / fader, etc.
Perfectly control DM20 via WiFi using built-in AP or external router.

7. 4 band EQ

Frequency ranges from 20 Hz up to 20 kHz.

8. Mono Bus

Bus 1 to 4 are mono busses.

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